Tired of your life? Set some new goals.

Are you tired of being tired? Are you tired of making promises to yourself and others and not keeping them? Are you making excuses or blaming others? It may be time for you to grab life by the horns and set some new goals.

We’ve all been there, and now is the time for change. Now is the time to get out of your own way and clean the closet, dump bad foods, limit watching TV, begin exercising, cut up credit cards (or whatever else you need to do)…NOW!

We have so many self-defeating thoughts every day, they’re countless.

It’s too hard.

It’s too late.

I’m not good enough.

My mother told me (fill in the blank).

Well, let’s make changes by telling ourselves new messages:

I was meant to do (fill in the blank).

My dreams are my reality.

God has a plan for me.

How many times have you set out to do something and not followed through? That was then, and this is now!

Clearly decide what it is you want in life, from financial freedom to better health or relationships. We look at other successful people and may become jealous or think we have been handed a bad deck, but the truth is you are in control of your destiny.

Action Plan

Let’s start by clearly defining each of your goals. Make a commitment to a time frame (for example: 100 days) AND stick to it. If your goal is weight loss, chuck out the junk and go shopping for green, plant-based nutrition. Get a good calorie counting book and perhaps a fitbit, and start looking at how much you move and how much you eat.

  1.  Write your goals down: “I want to lose 10 pounds.”
  2.  Write down what stops you: “I can’t give up carbs.”
  3.  Write down your affirmation of having it: “I am 10lbs leaner; I am making healthier choices in life.”
  4.  Take action: Throw out processed foods and lose the temptations.

I have found that when I write out my goals and break them down this way, it helps a lot. I look at them daily and stay motivated. You can do it, too!