Skip the Coffee and Grab a Tennis Ball.

Skip the Coffee and Grab a Tennis Ball

If you are feeling tired or just need a quick stimulus, skip the coffee and grab a tennis ball! Rolling a tennis ball under your feet is a quick and simple manner to revitalize your system that you can do at your desk or at home. Skip the Coffee and Grab a Tennis Ball

Begin by standing in a neutral position with your shoes off. Bend over to touch your toes and notice the side of the body which feels more tired or tight. Roll out that side’s foot with the tennis ball, by rolling the ball on the floor with your foot. Make sure that all areas of the foot are touched by the ball Then, apply some more pressure and rub again. Now, bend over and touch your toes again. Do you feel the difference?

There are many meridians in the feet and proprioceptors that are stimulated by trigger point therapy. And the feet have a strong relationship to the body’s fascial system. The body is a whole, not a part, so  it works intelligently with every cell to create balance.

After you have massaged your feet, try chilled water with cucumber, ginger, lemon and a bit of honey instead of your choice of caffeinated beverage. You will feel revived naturally and holistically.

Have any more tips for a quick and simple energy boost? Share them with me below!