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This program utilizes a tennis ball, small ball, band and chair to give you the exercises that combine fascia fitness and authentic human movement to create a pain free body for life. You will discover how these simple techniques embrace the tree planes of motion gravity and drivers to lengthen the tissue for a more functional body wheter you are an athlete or someone who needs greater flexibility. And a more flexible body is more pain free and functional body guaranteed.

TIME: 58 min
EQUIPMENT USED: Two Tennis Balls, Small Fitness Ball, Chair, Yellow Tube

Leslee Bender has been in the fitness industry over 25 years stared and created the bEnder Ball. Leslee is a graduate of The Gray Institute, ACE, SCSM, NASM, SCW, AFAA, B.A. UNR. Leslee has presented internationally bringing a safer method of core and Pilates training to the masses. Leslee believes that everyone deserves to have a pain free healthy body for life!

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