Functional Flexibility Fusion DVD


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This workout is infused with a weighted bar, and a small fitness ball that will give you the ultimate in core strength, flexibility, and ballet balance all in one! All exercises are based on what your body does in each plane of motion to create the muscles to work against gravity creating results for all levels of participants. Experience a workout that you yourself will find new, safe, and exciting but something you can teach right away!

TIME: 1 hr 17 min
EQUIPMENT USED: Weighted Bar, Small Ball and Mat

Leslee Bender has been in the fitness industry over 25 years stared and created the bEnder Ball. Leslee is a graduate of The Gray Institute, ACE, SCSM, NASM, SCW, AFAA, B.A. UNR. Leslee has presented internationally bringing a safer method of core and Pilates training to the masses. Leslee believes that everyone deserves to have a pain free healthy body for life!

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