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Allegro 2 Advanced Training DVD


This video is a compliment to Reformer 1, giving you new and more progressive exercises for advanced training. This video is ...


Allegro Reformer 1 Basic DVD


This video is perfect for the new trainer or student to Reformer training. This video emphasizes safety, setup, and biomechan...


Bender Ball Workout CD


Music for the Bender Ball routine


Functional Flexibility & Fascia Fitness DVD


This program utilizes a tennis ball, small ball, band and chair to give you the exercises that combine fascia fitness and aut...


Functional Flexibility DVD


Join ActivMotion Master Instructor Leslee Bender as she guides you through innovative new methods to increase mobility ...

Functional Flexibility Fusion DVD


This workout is infused with a weighted bar, and a small fitness ball that will give you the ultimate in core strength, flexi...


Mini Ball


This little stability ball can add several new modifications and variation to all workouts. It inflates safely from 8-10 inch...


Mini Ball 1 Basic Training DVD


Mini Ball 1 Basic Training DVD


Mini Ball 2 Advanced Training DVD


Mini Ball 2 Advanced Training DVD

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