The Fitness Industry’s First Bio-Skills Anatomy Lab, PUREAnatomy

Do you want to truly understand how the human body looks, moves and feels? Then the fitness industry’s first bio-skills anatomy lab, PUREAnatomy, from NAFC is a life-changing experience.  Text books cannot even come close to the real thing since they are only one dimensional. This lab is a hands-on experience featuring not only lectures and expert-led instruction but also a cadaver lab where you will get to experience the human body in all dimensions. I want to take just a few moments to introduce you to PUREAnatomy.


This post is not an advertisement. The NAFC did not ask me to write about this lab or give them any spotlight. But I feel that I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share with you my experience with learning through the NAFC.

My Experience

As a movement educator and fitness professional, I feel it is my obligation to truly understand anatomy. I want to deliver education that is real and authentic and not based on silly trends or exercises. Personally, I want to train people to be better movers, not better exercisers. Over the past few years, I have had the honor of working with Thomas Meyers and his team of experts. Last year, I was able to work in the cadaver lab; I was overwhelmed with admiration and appreciation for the knowledge that I was able to learn during this experience. Trust me, you will appreciate everything about this course and what it will give you. I am ever so grateful to have come to understand the importance of fascia and the role it plays in movement.

If you have taken any of my workshops, you know how important I think fascia is to living pain-free. In fact, you can witness my dedication to training in a pain-free environment by seeing all of the Exercise Pain Free videos I offer in my store for under $5. The course with NAFC taught me how to really appreciate the body and all of its idiosyncrasies.

The Details

PUREAnatomy is a three-day experience (September 16-18) where you will work with NAFC and the Axis Research & Technologies, where the course will be held. If you are ready to fully understand how to train clients properly and injury-free, I highly recommend this immersion course. Learn practical knowledge and how to apply this information for all clients. And if you have never worked with a cadaver before, trust me, it is mind-blowing. This experience will bring a deeper understanding of the inner workings of human body in relation to how it lives and moves.

Here is a new opportunity to work with NAFC and a team of experts that will change your life forever! Register now for the fitness industry’s first bio-skills anatomy lab, PUREAnatomy, before the experience sells out.