Fitness Professionals

For all fitness professionals who are interested in Leslee’s certification trainings, read on to learn about the classes she offers. Links to registration pages are included below.

Barre Above

Barre is the hottest method of training since the Pilates boom!! Come Join Barre Above™ for an eclectic and progressive method of barre training for all bodies. Learn all of the essentials in how to implement, launch, and run a successful and in-demand barre program anywhere. Whether you have mounted barres, portable ones, or even chairs, this education fits all needs for clubs, studios, and independent instructors. Barre Above has been created with an extensive look at the purpose of each and every exercise, based on functional movements in all three planes of motion to create strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. This course utilizes well known products bringing brand recognition to your facility, with minimal start-up costs. Barre Above™ lets you experience your creativity as a trainer, and does not require strict memorization of choreography in order to teach successfully. With foundational education taught with flexible options, you’ll be able to teach your barre classes in your own unique way, while guaranteeing a fun, effective, and efficient workout for all fitness levels.

  • You do not have to be a classical dancer to appreciate the movement of vertical training for stronger legs butt and back utilizing Gliding™, Bender Ball™ .
  • The knowledge to create creative classes fitting all levels of students
  • progression and regression of all exercises for any students, from beginners to advanced or even those with injuries
  • The often forgotten “why” each exercise is done a certain way – based on applied functional scienceli>
  • An Understanding of lengthening the muscles for a more balanced body
  • No additional fees once completing the training. No monthly fees, licensing costs, or re-certification fees
  • 2 DVDs, Instructor Manual, and Bender Ball. 7.0 AFAA CECs, 0.8 ACE CECs, & 8.0 SCW CECs

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Functional Flexibility and Fascia Fitness 4/8 Hours Certificate

Professional athletes have body work done regularly for optimum performance. In this workshop you will experience the benefits of specific pressure point fascia techniques on the lower extremities with functional flexibility exercises guaranteed to improve the body’s ability to move pain free. Simplistic tools such as a tennis ball and roller is all that is needed to make dramatic changes to the body.

  • Leave with many ideas and techniques to increase flexibility and strength in all clients
  • Be able to perform a functional assessment on your client to determine which are the most appropriate techniques and exercised
  • Understand why each client is an individual
  • Work with athletes or weekend warriors and increase their performance level
  • Discover that flexibility creates stability in the body through specific techniques
  • Only $169.00 with ACE and AFAA CEC’s, and includes a Bender Ball and DVD

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RRRR’s Restore/ Roll/ Reset/Recover Masterclass

Over training is a major problem in the fitness industry with a mentality of if it does not hurt then you are not working hard enough resulting in fatigue mentally and physically leading to injuries! In this session you will walk away with essential tools of foam rolling and pressure point therapy to remove toxins from your body, combined with restorative exercises and resetting your alignment followed by a crucial rest and meditation. If you are wanting to be active all your life then this is a session not to miss

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