Fitness Workshops : 2017

8-Hour Workshops:

Applied Functional Movement

This intensive, hands-on course bridges the gap between science and function. Learn the importance of fascia in relation to functional training and exercise programming. You will learn how gravity, ground reaction and the kinetic chain influences every aspect of the human body and movement. You will experience how the planes of motion and exercise selection affect the integrity of connective tissue when engaging in activities of strength, flexibility, balance and speed. During the movement lab, you will experience why it is crucial to evaluate each client for movement discrepancies based on their individuality, not a standardized chart. When you have specific strategies, then you can develop techniques that will improve your clients' ability to move efficiently and effectively for all activities.

This course is designed for the trainer who is looking to deepen their knowledge of the effects of fascia on compensated movement patterns and how to correct those movements based on the individual. During this an experiential course, we will explore the dynamics of 3-dimensional, multi-planar training.Learn how to give your students functional strategies and techniques to improve their movement quality so they understand why they need to move differently; In this knowledge, their ability to physically perform more efficiently will be transformative.

Teaching Methodology in this Course :
o Illustrated lecture and video of dissection of fascia to show the properties of tissue
o Experiential lab to understand the texture and properties of fascia and how fascia responds
o Movement lab for the following practical application of the science:
o Planes of Motion and exercise dynamics: effect of gravity, effect on connective tissue and movement patterning response
o Supervised dynamic posture evaluation with understanding movement compensations and recommendations
o Self-exploration for tissue change after movement strategies and rolling techniques based on individual movement compensations

Barre Above

The Barre Above™ certification will teach you everything you need to implement a successful barre program anywhere - whether you teach at a gym, studio, health club, or university.

Fusing the worlds of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do, Barre Above delivers a results-driven workout that will sculpt your students' bodies, get them into amazing shape, and have them coming back for more.

As a Barre Above instructor, you'll learn the correct way to teach barre that is fun and totally unique for your students. You'll also learn how to structure an effective barre workout that meets all your students' needs, whether you're teaching on a barre or off one. You'll learn barre specific cueing, so that your students will feel empowered, motivated, and have the ability to progress.

The Barre Above certification is an 7-hour in-person certification workshop. You'll receive everything you need to begin teaching classes the very next day.

1.5 Hour to 2 Hour Workshops :

Barre Trilogy

Come to the most progressive Barre Class that is based on the science of movement with the use of bands, Gliding and a small ball that will change your barre class forever! In this session walk away with the understanding and experience of lengthening not shortening progressions and regressions for all exercises that are truly functional. Experience the control of Pilates, the mindfulness of yoga and the purpose of each exercise for an amazing experience that your students will love and bring something completely new to your classes guaranteed to improve posture, flexibility and strength

Barre Lengthen Strengthen Strong

Come join the most progressive barre class ever that focuses on lengthening not shortening the muscles! You will leave feeling strong and energized with functional exercises on the barre! Learn why tucking and pulsing for an infinite time ultimately creates back pain and injuries. Experience the difference in a barre method that utilizes Gliding a small ball and bands that adds incredible variety to all exercises for all participants. This is the barre class to attend if you are a barre enthusiast and looking for something new!

Come to the most progressive modern Pilates session that will leave your students wanting more. You will walk away with the vertical approach to supine exercises that otherwise shorten the core instead of lengthening. You will also experience similar exercises that are performed on Pilates apparatus that create strength and flexibility in the entire body. Learn how to use the core and breath in every aspect of movement creating a true body mind experience which Pilates believed should be part of every exercise embracing Contrology! This is a session not to miss if you are looking for amazing new exercises and techniques!

3-D Fascial Core

Come and experience the complete core from the ground up! Every aspect of the body is a complex matrix web of fascia. Learn where you capture energy store it and use it to load and explode against gravity. Experience how to train the core authentically, functionally and not by crunches, by lengthening. This is a must experience session for both personal trainers and group fitness professionals looking to help clients gain better strength, flexibility and function for all aspects of life. Walk away with techniques that lead to the strategies for a stronger core.

Functional Flexibility

This was 2016 session of the year for many conferences. It is new and improved with the latest research on flexibility training with the combination of facial release techniques. You will experience how and why movement and release prevents injuries, increases blood flow and improves performance on all aspects of training and sports. Learn why the top athletes in the world use similar strategies to keep in the game. Experience the three dimensional planes of motion movements that will lengthen the fascial lines for the most progressive flexibility and mobility that a body needs to function pain free. A session not to miss if you are looking to change the way your clients move forever!

Transformational Posture

Posture should always be dynamic, however our bodies get stuck in habitual patterns that cause postural dysfunctions leading to pain and injuries. which can be prevented with the right training techniques. You will learn what causes these postural issues from poor training techniques, habit, heredity which compromises your clients ability to move. In this session you will leave with the necessary exercises to improve both upper and lower cross syndromes and how to prevent them from getting worse in many cases. Help your clients to improve dramatically their flexibility, strength, and endurance all through enhancing their posture through specialized exercises.

Pilates for Injury Prevention

Many students who have experienced classical mat Pilates have left with back pain due to the amount of supine flexion and overuse of the hip flexors. In this session whether you are a Pilates instructor or enthusiast you will leave with functional exercises that promote flexibility and, core strength without being supine through specialized breathing techniques and control. Understand how the breath influences the parasympathetic nervous system and the affects it has on the body in the reduction of stress, improvement of movement quality and over health. In this session you will leave understanding why overusing the hip flexors causes back pain and injuries and how to prevent them. A session not to miss if you or your clients are looking for a functionally safer approach to Pilates.

Corrective Exercises and Analysis for the Knee

Every time the foot hits the ground there is a kinetic chain reaction that influences the knees. When clients complain of knee pain it is rarely the fault of the knee. It is always above and below it that has caused the dysfunction. As trainers we must understand that every knee is different and the exercises we choose can be harmful or helpful depending on our experience of injures or issues. You will walk away with techniques and exercises that diminish knee pain and possibly prevent overuse or further injuries. Learn why we can have both medial and lateral issues and what causes them and how to train your clients to have healthy knees for sport and life!